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Denver, Colorado

This page contains three trips to Denver
(so far)

Easter in Denver - 2004
August in Denver - 2004
May in Denver 2005

Ahhhhh........another trip to sunny Denver.
After two cold and rainy weeks in MN we were so happy to see sunshine again.

After doing the mom and dad things (got Emily new tires, helped PW plant his garden, encouraged Cassie to finish a baby quilt) we set off for some fun in the mountains....

The temps in Denver were hitting the 90's so the refreshing mountain air and snow really hit the spot!
Remember PW's new label for his beer....
..."Three Fat Men on a Rock"
They look mighty fine, don't they gals?
Ahhhhh..........true love

Then it was back to Denver for barbeques, walks in Wash Park, shopping,
petting kitties, Denver Botanical Gardens and just hanging out.

This is the beginnings of a great quilt maker.
Great Job Cass!
puhLEASE feed me!
Are there any more chocolate blobs left?

It's finally time to bottle PW's wine!

Well, last year it was really good. This year???...I did hear PW say he will try making beer next.

Off to the Denver Botanical Gardens...
Well I think I had a meltdown in
the heat because I did not take
very many pictures.
It is definately a place I want to go back to.

Anyone want to see Emily's awesome apartment in downtown Denver?


As always you guys are the best hosts. It's always a treat to visit you and your beautiful city.
Love MOM and DAD

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August in Denver - 2004

On Sunday afternoon we traveled to St Mary's Alice Glacier, about 1 hour from Denver. After about a 20 minute climb up a rocky trail we found the melting glacier. Skiers, snowboarders, dogs and families were climbing, resting and having fun. The glacier had been melting into a beautiful lake. What a beautiful sight!
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Easter in Denver - 2004
Spring blossoms,
snowball fights in the street,
dancing shoes,
great Sunday brunch,
cozy fireside talks,
and home made wine....oh ya!
Pw made this wine from grapes in his backyard. It actually is very good and tastes like a merlot.
on the right...view of the mountains from the living room.....
Thanks to all of you for a wonderful holiday... Love Mom & Dad
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