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This is the Granary

Grandma's Union loom was brought to The Valley in 1988 and we began to weave rag rugs using the childrens old clothing. Soon the news was out and others brought their old jeans, sheets, and rags for us to weave into rugs for them.

The loom below is used to weave these rugs

Here we are working hard at warping the loom for another batch of rugs. It takes about 4 hours with both of us to warp the loom.

Rag Rugs
Take a look at a few of our woven rag rugs...
A rag rug will take many hours of cutting,
sewing, and weaving, but the enjoyment of weaving
in the Granary, which has no phone, or tv,
just the woodburning
stove to keep us warm in Winter, outweighs the time involved.

Hooked Rugs
We shop Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army and garage sales for 100% wool clothing for our rugs. After tossing in the washing machine with hot water and drying in a hot dryer the wool is ready to cut into 1/4 inch strips to hook.
Here are a few of the rugs hooked by Linda
yellow bird, designed by Emily
Hooked at the Castle
My second rug, sheep My first Rug, a primitive heart Chickens
Snowman Emily's Rug PIB
Hooked by grandma...

Sweaters for Riley
Suprise jacket double-panel cardigan
...and socks for everyone

The first meeting of the Dredlocks Spinning Guild began the month of March with 2 beginners and one 20 year veteran of spinning. We examined Llama, English Angora Rabbit and Valley Sheep wool. Great progress was made.

Wool is usually cleaned and carded by hand or machine before spinning begins. We started with Sheep wool which is easiest to handle for beginners. After it is spun it may be plyed together (two spun strands twisted together)and then used for knitting or weaving. We have made mittens, scarves, hats, sweaters, and afghans with wool from The Valley.

The bottom right image is the first wool that I spun and plyed and is now ready for knitting....Oh, there is nothing like being Wild and Wooley!!

Warning! If you are thinking of learning to spin beware! This activity is highly addictive and may consume time, money and common sense!

"God permit industrious angels afternoons to play" - Emily Dickinson
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