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Lotsa Lefse in The Valley
Made by real Norwigins

Yew tak yust ten big potatoes. Den yew cook dem til dar done. Yew add to dis sum sveet cream. And by cups it measures vun. Den yew steal tree ounce of booter, an vit two fingers, pinch sum salt. Yew beat dis werry lightly, if it ainít goot--it iss yer own fault. Den yew roll dis tin, vit flour. Light brown on stove yew bake. Now call in all Scandihuvians tew try da fine lefse yew make. Try dis recipe at yer own risk!

Centennial Cook Book by the Lutheran Church Women

It's that time of year again.
Here we are ready
with our pins and sticks
for another day of laughs and lefse making...

8 lbs brown potatoes
2 sticks butter or margarine
4 T sugar
2 tsp salt
-2 cups flour (enough to handle)
Rice cooked potatoes. Add butter.
Cool overnight. Add remaining ingre-
-dients and form into balls
Roll out thin and bake on griddle.

Ya, da lefse vas goot and ve hooted and hollert till ve vas red in da face.

This lefse was left on the griddle a little too long.
We could use it for a roof tile maybe.
....till next year, Linda, Kathie and Phyllis.

The Next Generation...

PW and Cassie Learn to make Lefse (2005)

These young folk caught on so quickly!
Apparently after living in Denver for 5 years they have not lost their Scandinavian heritage.
They riced the potatoes and formed them into orange size balls. After cooling they began the rolling fun.
They mastered the rolling out of the lefse, which is the most difficult step.
And then the flipping of the lefse on the griddle which is the next most difficult step.
I give them an A+.

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