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The Outhouse gets a new home!

On April 23, 2005 Pete, Linda and Bill began the process of jacking up the outhouse, lowering it onto a trailer, and then gently driving it over the lumpy valley grounds to its new home next to the garden. It will eventually be used as a garden shed to house tools etc.

The foundation had to be broken up to insert beams. It was then jacked up high enough to..... drive a trailer underneath.
Oh My Gosh!
As Pete slowly pulled the trailer down the hill... ...it turned and began to tip over! Using a prybar we pushed it further onto the front of the trailer.
Grandma couldn't take it anymore. She made me move my car (very good idea!) and went to hide in the house. After centering the outhouse we had to get more air into the tire.Thank goodness for portable air tanks!
We finally got her over to the garden where we let her rest for the night. She did try to sneak off in the night but only made a foot by herself.
You may wonder why we have gone to so much trouble for such an old building. But she was made of great craftmanship and will last 100 more years once we roof her and get all the walnuts out. .....Check back in the summer to see her new face lift. You will be wonderfully surprised!

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