A Birthday Poem
by Peter H. Schwamb
In a valley nestled far from the city,
came a stirring, a buzz, and a fuss...
It's clear that The Grand Birthday Planners
have gotten their buns in a muss!
Their intentions, I'm certain, are noble
but this zeal is troubling me.
Phyllis, it seems, has surpassed all their dreams
by reaching two thousand and three!
We know all of her birthdays are special
and we're thankfull for each and for all!
...but to be seventy-five and still be alive!
that's occasion to have a GRAND BALL!!!
This commotion didn't go without notice...
it rattled the Birthday Police!
"just this once is OK
have your clap happy day...
you can laugh till you die,
reminisce till you cry"
But you mustn't forget...
nothing said is more true...
Whatever the year,
whatever your age,
you know we'll always love you!!!