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Christmas 2005

It all begins when the pie is still warm from Thanksgiving....

We pull on the boots,
grab our hats and head to the country
to find the tree...thank goodness Emily was here to help.

It took
two days
to decorate
the tree
but thanks again
to Emily
it turned out
to be
a beauty!
It was too cold
for Emily to go outside
so she built
a snowman
in the house
My glass ornaments
were a hit!
It has taken years
but Auntie Di has finally
trained Emily and Jackie
to make the pickle things.

What a surprise we had this year...
our long lost relatives from Liverpool arrived to celebrate the holidays with us.....

They were quite a wild bunch
and we hope they did not scare off
our future daughter-in-law,

It was sad to say goodbye
and send Emily back to Denver.....

...but we had the best of times and thank you all for making it a wonderful Christmas!
We love you all, Mom & Dad

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