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Vegetable Garden

We planted popcorn, beets, beans, cucumbers, radishes, kohlrabi, dill, parsley, basil, oregano, fennel, thyme and tomatoes. We had a great rhubarb harvest. The garlic which was planted last October will be ready in July.

carrots fresh from the garden garden peppers ready to freeze canned carrots and tomatoes

I process everything that comes out of the garden. Once you get used to the fresh taste of canned goods it is hard to buy it from the store.

July is great for picking Currants. And there is nothing more tasty than a currant pie in January. This year a worm ate most of the leaves but left us all the berries we could handle This is about 1/2 hour of picking and about 2 pies. We picked several days and left the rest for the birds.
This year the black raspberries were more abundant than they ever have been Along with red raspberries from my friend Cindy lou who, and strawberries picket at Wyatt's, we put up 25 half pints of jam. Grandma showed me how to make sun green tea. Add a little lemon or mix with lemonade and you have a great summer time, good for you drink.

Walnut Man has returned and has been busy cracking some of the billions of walnuts we have. He has fine tuned his cracker to produce 1 cup of walnuts per quarter hour. And that is an amazing feat!!


Grandma's Gardens
grandma's backyard tiraella japanese lilac

The above plants are Tiger Lilies, Tiraella and Japanese Lilac

orange lily prairie smoke yellow daylily
Orange Daylily Prairie smoke Yellow Daylily
martagon lily blue bells astrantia
Martagon LilyBlue BellsQueen of the Prairie in pink with Astrantia
pink poppy red poppy pink poppy
The above are all poppies

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