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Winter in The Valley


March 13, 2006 - Snow started at 5:30 a.m. and by noon we had 16 inches.

The winter snows began before Christmas this year.
By November 28th we were blazing X-country skiing trails through the woods
to Trout Brook.

It is inexpressibly beautiful to glide through the snowy woods, making our own trails and seeing only the other trails of winged or four-legged creatures, busy on their own affairs. We skim along so softly, so quietly.
barn woods our house

skiing to Trout Brook PW stops to take a picture PW and Emily smile before heading back home

We skied to Trout Brook which is open all winter and usually has a few mallards living through the winter.
birdhouse made from our barnwoodLinda and Emily deck

Check out our ski trails that meander through the ravine down to the trout brook.

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